Monday 11 May 2009

Malawi GAP Team Clinic House update 11-05-2009

Amazing progress has been made by the Malawi team on the first clinic house. The new house is the first step in getting excellent doctors and nurses into the rural village of Pensulo. Before the clinic was built with the help of Quest Overseas and the royal bank of Scotland pregnant women had to walk up to 8 miles for medical care.

The team have worked alongside the community and have just a few finishing touches left to complete the build. They have also been helping out at the local feeding centre's and primary schools as well as preparing for final celebrations before heading off to Swaziland to start the expedition.

Long term it is these orphans and underprivilaged children who will benefit from the work of Joshua Orphan Care and Quest Overseas volunteers.

Volunteer in Malawi - Summer 5 weeks, GAP 2010

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