Tuesday 6 January 2009

Tanzania Community and Schools Project

As I write, group leaders Sarah and Kate are preparing for the group’s arrival this coming Saturday. A world apart from freezing Brighton, Arusha is currently a barmy 33 degrees! They have met up with Julian (project partner with the Livingstone Tanzania Trust) and are currently on a 4 hour journey to Babati where the team will be living and working for 6 weeks.

Jobs on the list include planning the work schedule, meeting the head builder and all the other fundis that the team will be working alongside on the project. Sarah and Kate will also be checking out what else there is to do around the area as the group will get a couple of weekends off to explore the nearby breathtaking scenery. Babati lies at the foot of the great escarpment, a lush forest full of wildlife, with farming villages tucked away.

Over the next 6 weeks the team will start building a huge 2 classroom building with attached office.  Carrying tonnes of sand and cement, mixing concrete, laying the foundations and floors, breaking up rocks are just some of the tasks the team will be undertaking.

Follow the team’s progress right here!

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