Tuesday 20 January 2009

Tanzania Team 13th January 2009

Since touching down in Kilimanjaro, the impact of Africa has been amazing!

After spending our first night in Arusha we had an incredible 3 hour drive through the Tanzanian countryside where we caught our first glimpse of Masai, roaming camels (very odd for East Africa!) and breath taking views of the rift valley.  We spent lunch time in our local town of Babati, where we had our first taste of Tanzanian cuisine, an interesting experience!  Once arriving at the school we set up camp in the empty storage room and explored the area we were to call home for the next six weeks.

Day one we took the opportunity to clean the school classrooms and fix the desks as the children had not started the new term.  The weather is extremely hot making any work hard going.  Day two we started work on the building site and were introduce to all the children who seemed fascinated by the colour of our skin and our digital cameras!  

Building is fun work especially with challenges when you drop a brick and hundreds of spectators whenever they have a break from class.  Although hard work we are kept constantly amused with Freddie's 'fact of the day'!

It is still hard to believe that we are in this amazing place!

Everyone on the Tanzania Team 2009

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