Monday 9 February 2009

Rio Language Phase part 2 by James CA

Weekend away in Ilhe Grande.

Having packed the night before we were all up early in order to set off for our weekend trip to the reportedly stunning island of Ilhe Grande. After a scenic boat journey we were not disappointed with what we found. With our tents pitched on the sands of Ilhe Grande we ventured into the small fishing town. The locals quickly thrashed us at football, following that we enjoyed the atmosphere of the town square with a drink in hand. It is was then time to hit tents for some well needed rest.

The crashing awoke us from our slumber, a quick breakfast of fresh local fruit ensued and we were ready for the trek ahead.
Following two and a half hours and nearly seven kilometers through the primary Atlantic rain forest we arrived a t the picturesque Lopes Mendes beach. The day was spent riding the waves and soaking up the Brazilian sun. To ensure the stunning weather continued members of the group performed a ceremonial sun dance and then we were off. A local boat took us back to base camp where we wined and dined the night away under the starry sky, and then to the tents for some well earned sleep.

Sunday was spent on a nearby beach and in a spectacular fresh water pool, with many a group photo to be had night had already drawn in... "Oh what a life".

The bags were packed and reluctantly we waved 'Tchau' to our treasured pocket of paradise. AS the ferry meandered back to the mainland we were all missing Ilhe Grande, but looking forward to the hustle and bustle of Rio.

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