Tuesday 24 February 2009

Tanzania GAP team Jan-Feb 2009 what the volunteers had to say

Check out what our volunteers had to say after completing a new classroom in Tanzania.  The team of 10 volunteers spent 6 weeks working and living with the community.

"With only one day left in Babati, Tanzania, I cannot help but think back over how amazing the last 6 weeks have been. I have helped build a school, survived on a diet of beans and rice, struggled to come to terms with my American heritage and most importantly, I have been lucky enough to meet and befriend a community of incredible, selfless and vibrant people ranging in ages from 3 to 83. While I am sure that they will not remember me in several years time, I can honestly say that my experience here in Babati, with Quest Overseas and the Livingstone Tanzania Trust and the Waangwaray school has been something that I will never forget."
Dixon Knox

"It has been the most incredible 6 weeks, not only through the work that we have done but with the community who have been so generous inviting us to their houses and teaching us to dance. All the new people and things we have done have made this an unforgettable experience."

Victoria Yates

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