Wednesday 11 March 2009

Hannah Bick - Tanzania Team update from Tofo, Mozambique

Don't touch! Pictured the camouflaged scorpian fish.
After a cramped, hot and very long journey on Fatima’s bus we finally reached beautiful Tofo. Not wanting to waste time we raced straight for the sea, which was somewhat rougher than first thought and some bikinis were nearly lost! The next day everyone enthusiastically began their dive course at Diversity Scuba, at least those who had Gretha as an instructor did, while Alice´s students were filled with trepidation. All the pool skills and open water dives were successfully completed despite the team being a little worse for wear and Freddie landing on Vic´s head while completing his first backwards roll entry from the boat. However half the group; Dixon, Sophie, Michael and Hannah managed to fail the scuba exam, which according to Alice had only previously been failed by an eight year old German boy. Despite the setback everyone eventually managed to pass, Hannah with 100%, which wasn´t down to cheating at all, and amazing dives were had.

In the fauna rich seas the team saw sea turtles, mantas, dolphins and a 5m Whale Shark! As well as diving we all took advantage of what Tofo had to offer, mainly Dino´s (very) Happy Hours and the gorgeous beach. During our stay the group celebrated Tom and Micheal´s fake birthdays, with a pirate party. Our final night in Tofo coincided with the full moon party so everyone had a merry evening celebrating with all the diversity dive staff. Each of us wore our lovely patterned trousers from the local market, and bought Alice (pictured above) many thank you drinks! Sadly we had to end the fun to catch the 4am bus back to Maputo, but already we´re planning our return back to Tofo!

Many thanks to Diversity who always make Quest groups feel welcome in Mozambique!

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