Wednesday 4 March 2009

Tanzania Project Completed. Job Done!

Tom, Simon, Sophie and Hannah start work on the new classroom. The first skill to learn is the art of brick laying and cement mixing.

Working hard alongside the local fundis the walls go up quickly.

The team soon settle into the community and quickly adopt the local dress. Freddie is sporting a magnificent shirt, tie, cashmere jumper and flipflop combo!

Seeds from the school farm are being turned into oil to provide a valuable income for the school and community. The school children are also learning invaluable skills.

The group also built a Tilapia pond which doubled as a swimming pool, just what's needed after a day on site working under the African sun.

There was plenty of time to play with the children while on the project, I'm not quite sure what game Michael is teaching them here?

With the walls up, work started on the A frames for the roof. James and Freddie take careful note of the measurements needed.

Victoria and Kate get a helping hand from these budding young engineers.

With the cement layer completed the smooth lime goes on top. Charlotte demonstrates how it should be done.
6 weeks of hard work and the building is finished. The red oxide paint means that it will be here for many years to come. The classroom will be put into immediate use and with such a good finish it is the perfect demonstration of what can be done.

The local local regional commisioner was so impressed that he donated 500,000 shillings to the community towards future building materials.

Charlotte shows off the groups achievement.

If you want to get involved just take a look at some of the amazing projects we have on offer.

Remember whatever you do, JUST DO SOMETHING!

Learn more about the Livingstone Tanzania Trust's work.

Find out more about joining the Summer Team right here!

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