Thursday 11 June 2009

Malawi GAP Team - Lucy & Gasche´s Mozambique update

Everyone was excited to leave Maputo & head up to Tofo - even a 4am bus ride didn´t dampen spirits! On arrival we headed straight for the beach for a spot of sunbathing & swim, as well as a glass of Tipo Tinto - the local rum. Wednesday was the start of our dive course at Diversity Scuba which was spent watching thrilling educational DVDs & learning skills in the pool, before venturing into the big blue ocean on Thursday! Everyone came back from the first dive very enthaustatic & ready to celebrate Katherine´s (real) birthday! The theme was ´white trash´which involved fake stubble, plenty of trucker hats & several banana cocktails!

On our next dive some of us were lucky enough to see a manta ray swimming among the many tropical fish, but nevertheless there was still plenty to see including some moray eels, angelfish, lionfish (who Katherine had a v.close encounter with) and an octopus.

Saturday bought more hard work in the classroom, skills in the pool, an ocean dive and for some of us the final exam! The full-moon party in the evening was a perfect end to the day. There were also a few surprises throughout the night...!!! - including a visit from Bruce Gold (Dumbledore,) who Gasche was v.excited about!

On Monday, as Katherine & Me (Lucy) set off on the boat for our final dive, most people took the opportunity to top up their tans & enjoy some tasty food at Aunty Bea´s. Baptiste, Sinead & Charlie took to the waves with a private surf lesson to which they proved to be naturals & Kirsty came face to face with a whale shark!

For the final night we dressed up in our patterned trousers which we purchased from the local market & entered ourselves into a local quiz. A fun night was had by all, Amber, Sarah, Geri & Soph continued to party into the early hours of the morning at Dinos, before the 4am bus back to Maputo.

We all had a fantastic week & can´t wait to return to Tofo in the future! Thanks guys!

Volunteer in Africa 2010!

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