Monday 1 June 2009

Malawi GAP Team - project finished, 1st stop Swaziland!

We came, we saw, and we conquered the mounds of bricks until it became the house that Quest built. Our final few days in Pensulo, Malawi saw us sweeping the floors and adding those last licks of paint, not to mention being lovingly smothered by children for almost the last time. It wasn’t easy ignoring the urge to pull a Madonna!
The building shown here midway through the project, finished pics to come!

Our last evening wasn’t complete without our favourite beans and rice feast and a celebratory (and absolutely necessary) silent disco at the fully-fledged house, iPods in, whatever song we wanted, and dancing shoes on!

The last day began with one last fun yet fierce game of netball and football, and we walked away champions, both teams decked out with state-of-the-art and highly coveted bottle top medals!
By the afternoon, we were sent off with song and dance, feeling bittersweet about leaving what came to be home, but itching to begin our travels!

Into notorious Johannesburg airport we flew, where we welcomed our last addition to the group, comeback Kirsty, and set off by bus to Swaziland.

At Sondzelas backpackers lodge we indulged ourselves with horse riding, mountain biking and the like, being the super active people we are. No less than two days and it was Kirsty’s birthday, and her real one at that! We partied it up with table tennis and songs around the campfire, occasionally belting out our signature tune ‘5 Years Time’, much to the appreciation of our fellow sleep-riddled backpackers. "It’s not the music, not the singing, it’s the screeching!’
Soon enough, the time came for the most strenuous part of the expedition; the trek.

pictured from left to right; Katherine, Becky, Geri, Baptiste, Becky, Sophie and Amber

We started off on the right track, but soon strayed with inexperienced map-readers at the helm and sliding down a valley on our backsides. Not quite the plan! But with Lizzie the indestructible using her arms to beat those branches to a pulp, we were out of there in no time.

The trek came to a close with us exhausted, but no time to rest because Gasche’s fake birthday demanded a mighty celebration! Presents, a gossip girl card and a sinful chocolate cake meant that the birthday girl would be the envy of all Upper East Siders, a queen bee for the day. Having left Sondzelas in the Malkerns, we headed towards Shewula mountain camp across the country, to a beautiful view and actual, real beds!

Swaziland, it’s been wonderful. Mozambique, watch out! - Sinead and the Malawi Quest crew

Volunteer in Malawi this Summer or GAP 2010!

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