Monday 27 April 2009

Pantanal - Rio team takes on the Jungle

On our 83rd day of being in Brazil we arrivewd in the national park famous for its wildlife in the South West of Brazil known as the Pantanal. We slept in hammocks in a wooden lodge beside a crocodile infested river, where tge most regular visitor was a toucan who kept us company over breakfast.

During our three days we went on walks through the surrounding area spotting all manner of creatures, from armadillos to macaws, and found a fruit which was used to paint ourselves in tribal designs. Piranha fishing was a highlight due to much success for the team despite the efforts of the local crocodiles we still managed to fill our plates for supper. Horse riding filled one of our mornings as we gallopped through the forest that was buzzing with animal activity.

A cracking few days in a ideallic setting with great fresh food and a dazzling aray of wildlife that was like nowhere we had been before.

By Edmund and James

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