Thursday 16 April 2009

Yachana update minus a photo!!! Tim sort it out!

We arrived at the airport at 4 am. Tired. After several games of Uno, we finally found Sophie wandering around the airport looking lost. Four of us got upgraded to business plus due to good looks and charm. The two ugly ones remained in economy surrounded by screaming children. Wondered out into Quito. Met some American dude wearing a skirt who happened to be our guide Tim. We got aquatinted with the city which was to be our home for the next few weeks.

After a couple days of lessons we headed to Quito Colonial for Good Friday. We witnessed a procession, Cucuruchos, of thousands of people dressed in purple and the occasional white KKK outfits all carrying crosses on their backs. Quito crime scene: Kat’s bag got slashed possibly in a church. Hacks birthday too, so we made him a wonderful Llama card.

Headed of to Otavalo with Fernando. After a spectacular two hour trip through the Ecuadorian countryside, we arrived at the famous animal market - much to Kat and Sophie’s delight. After being very close to buying several animals we headed off the to main market where Gabi suprised us all by not buying the most ridiculous llama jumper in the world.

Tim sent us through a very dodgy house. We passed through a sickly family all curled up in one bed then we were lead into a very small blue room with religious artifacts and a man armed with a spear, Marlborough Lights and candles. Gabi awaited being cleansed. After recovering from the initial shock of being told he was "going to be blown" he was pleasantly relieved to be merely spat on, set alight, and caressed with eggs. Ironically this process was a cleansing.

Later that day we arrived at hostal La Luna. Really lovely; we were surrounded by Mt Cotopaxi, horses, llamas, hammocks, and massive dogs. Had a very relaxing evening. Tim cried to Sicko. The next day proved to be a challenge for us all. We headed off to Cuicocha, a volcano Crater Lake, so called due to the two guinea pig islands in the middle. We trekked around the whole 14Km of the lake, up steep hills at 3500m. The girls entertained Tim with moans and groans. Despite being at the back complaining the whole time they managed to beat Spam the cross county champion. Finally we gave up and hitched a ride back with the locals.

Monday: it hailed

Tuesday we headed of to the Equator, Mitad Del Mundo, and were suprised to not find a beam of light coming out of the sky. Had an amazing day and insightful tour. The girls loved weighing less.

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