Monday 27 April 2009

Rio team update

Lencois/ Diamantina

After a long, but eventful bus journey from the surfing town of Itacare we arrived in the scenic town of Lencois. Having checked into the hostel we met Puma, our guide, who briefed us on the plan for the forthcoming trek. Our 4x4 dropped us in what was the ´middle of nowhere´ and our trek had begun.

Our first challenge was a steep climb which woke us all up and gave us an impression of what to expect for the next four days. AFter a hard first mornings walk we paused for lunch a the top of a stunning waterfall overlooking one of the many luch green valleys of the Chapada Diamante. Under head-torch light we arrived at our first camping spot, tents were pitched, food was cooked and eaten and everyone crashed out for a well earned rest.

The second day involved a strenuous climb through caves and over rivers to one of the highest points in the area, known as the ´Castle´ where the views did not dissapoint. We wound our back to camp via a refreshing waterfall, and despite snakes in the bed and tarantulas in boots we all made it to day three of trek.

We kicked the day off with a massive ascent, but the view was well worth the hard work. A fabulous day walking through the stunning valleys and rivers of the national park with many a waterfall to be swam in. Night was spent camping in the bush under an extremely starry sky, with not a sign of man to be found.

The final day was a long trek back to Lencois to complete our 100 km trip, with a great sense of achievement all round on arriving at the hostel where everyone appreciated a bed, warm water and food that wasn´t cooked on a camp fire!

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